Beta 2.1

So it’s time for a new release. I added a feature and dealt with some bugs. I’ll be updating the FAQ to reflect some changes.

  1. I have not recreated the TextArea or RichTextArea extended versions with spell check capability. Any developer can do this and a lot of people didn’t want this added into the swc.
  2. Fixed an issue when not using the left mouse click on the Spelling Decorator that cause a null pointer exception.
  3. Fixed the issue with the PersonalDictionary not removing from the action script engine.
  4. Fixed an issue with the frame event resizing constantly due to a fraction of a number, now holding onto old width/height and validating versus the textfield.
  5. Fixed an issue where setting text programmatically did not fire a text check and underline.
  6. Added FaultEvent on the WordList get for the dictionary url.
  7. COMPRESSED/PRE-PROCESSED file. I have added a pre-processed dictionary file called dictionary.cdic.
  8. It is a base-64 encoded pre-processed file.
  9. It loads in about 1/10th of the original
  10. Added functionality to handle a normal .dic file and .cdic file.
  11. If you want to use the .cdic file, please make sure it ends with .cdic otherwise it will try to be processed as a normal text file.
  12. The file size is 1.5 meg compressed where the .dic file is uncompressed at 1.5 meg, so if your bandwidth is an issue you might try adding gzip compression on a server to compress the dictionary file being streamed to the web browser client. This will give you a nice compression ratio but will be much slower to process.

Last Time - Things To Do
  • Round off the Dictionary Management UI, to allow editing of the local dictionary contents, to remove added words.
  • Work on speed performance. (this one is going to be ongoing)
  • Update Dictionary for initial load so that the action script will decompress the contents, instead of relying on a server to do it for the end user.
  • Create a new Demo.

Things To Do
  • Continue speed performance.
  • Update FAQ
  • Create a new Demo

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