Project Update

I’ve re-kindled my interests in my spell checker. I’ve had someone request a few changes to the spell checker so I thought I’d document the code changes and updates to this project in blog format.

    • This means you can use the capability if you don’t want to extend the TextArea or RichTextEditor, also you can pass in your own TextField.
  • Add left click menu capability, for people with touch screens, it’s a parameter in the decorator.
  • Changed the graphics to be contained in the DisplayObjectContainer parent of the TextField, this allows for a much better underlining view. Also it removes the occasional trailing underlining that would show up when words had been hidden
  • Changed the RegEx that identifies word boundaries to be more sensitive
  • Now the underlining will respect all Capital word’s. If it’s capitalized from beginning to end of the word it will not be underlined.
  • Words that are wrapped and mis-spelled will be underlined on each line it fills.
  • I’ve tweaked some of how the highlight is checked to try to speed some things up, but any true speed increase will be left for something to do later.
  • Added multiple event handlers to deal with focus in/focus out.
  • Fixed an issue with constant lookups for updates to a word that was originally mis-spelled, this caused some odd highlighting with the updates completing and the new word not being underlined properly.

Things To Do
  • Round off the Dictionary Management UI, to allow editing of the local dictionary contents, to remove added words.
  • Work on speed performance.
  • Update Dictionary for initial load so that the action script will decompress the contents, instead of relying on a server to do it for the end user.
  • Create a new Demo.

Get the Source Code for the New Stuff!!!